I Have Spent Years Trying to Put This Into Words… The Love of Learning New Skills!

I have spent years trying to put this into words, but I guess I should have put it into video!  I stumbled upon this video by accident. I was searching for some stop motion tutorial footage and I came across Karen’s channel.  She is doing so many cool things!  First, she had a great stop motion tutorial.  the Bolt Bunch will refer to her tutorial as we develop our stop motion video that we have planned.  This video describes her love of learning new skills.

I started browsing around her channel.  She is such a cool person.  She, like me, loves to learn new things.  This is the biggest thing I would like to instill in my kids, and so far, I think the oldest one has it.  One of the things Karen did was teach herself to dance in one year.  She was fascinated by skilled dancers and how cool they looked. She decided she wanted to learn this skill herself. Not only did she teach herself to dance, she videoed the entire process.  That took some guts! She is a great inspiration to nerds like me.  I can’t talk enough how love to learn new things.

Everyone please go check out Karen’s channel.  She is doing some really cool things.  I hope we can get to her level one day with our channel.  Kids, this is for you!  I hope you get the guts to pursue new things with the same enthusiasm.

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