Will It SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition

We created a Will it SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition recently. We are trying to bring together a couple of themes from our videos to see if it will increase the views of each theme.  We are fairly new to this YouTube thing, so we like to experiment and see what happens!

Once this bakes in for a few months, we will update what works and what does not work on our channel.  Maybe it can help other YouTubers.

If you are not familiar with our channel, we have three fairly regular themes.  The first theme is “Will it SMASH?!?!”.  Will it smash is a segment we do where we will find random things and see if we can smash them by jumping on them with our Vurtego pogo stick.  We have an entire playlist dedicated to will it smash on our channel.  We also have a theme dedicated to Mr. Oldman.  Mr. Oldman is our fake neighbor that we prank.  The thing is, Mr. Oldman fights back!  The last theme we have is “Will it Explode?!?!”.  This is a segment where we blow things up with firecrackers.

In this video we try to mix together the smash and Oldman segements.  Want to try your hand at pogo sticking?

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