Why We Love Football

This is another nostalgia post with some new stuff mixed in…  It is football season again!!  We are looking forward to watching some great football as a family this year.

The boys and I are always playing football.  We play it so much, we named our league.  We call it the BFL, or Bolt Football League.  Pretty original, right???

Here is a post I did the first year we started it.


BFL — The Bolt Football League.  Below is picture of the boys closing out 2013 at Forest Park.  I guess the NFL is my second favorite league!   This is why we love football.  Every weekend, me covering a guy that is 30 years younger than me. Good times!  I cannot believe the athletic skills these guys have obtained!  Beats sitting on the couch any day…

  Forest Park 2013  #whywelovefootball


Of course I had to buy my own football gloves.  We take it that serious! There is rumor that the NFL Sunday Ticket is now available to stream over a computer and other devices. We may have to look into this.  We don’t do cable TV or dish, so I can justify the cost in my head.  More on that later.

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