How to come up with You Tube video ideas

It is hard to come up with video ideas if you sit and stare at a blank piece of paper.  It could take you a long time for something to jump in your head.

This is a fun little exercise we do to come up with video ideas.  First, look around in your current environment.  What do you see?  Take an inventory.  Do it with me.  I am looking around my area and writing down ten things.

  1. computer
  2. couch
  3. pen
  4. paper
  5. water bottle
  6. cell phone
  7. fan
  8. shoes
  9. picture
  10. camera

There is my list of ten things.  You use your list for this next part.  Now from your list, write down three things related to each item in your ten list.  To keep this short, I am only going to do my first five. Just put down the first thing that pops into your head.

  1. computer
    1. photoshop
    2. skype
    3. hard drive
  2. couch
    1. leather
    2. soft
    3. nap
  3. pen
    1. ink
    2. plastic
    3. write
  4. paper
    1. homework
    2. news
    3. paper airplanes
  5. water bottle
    1. cap
    2. dude perfect water bottle landing
    3. drink

Now you have 40 words to pull video topics from.  For example, you can make a skit about how difficult your homework is going to be when you get to college. You can show someone how to use skye to communicate like the pen pals of old days.  You can create a reaction video to the Dude Perfect water bottle video or use your video editing skills to make your own.

With this list of forty keywords, you can start narrowing down three ideas to each one. For example, let’s take the pen.

A pen is used to do homework.  Homework will be the keyword we use for this example.  You can make a video showing people how you study. You can make a video talking about the future of homework and how you think it will all be electronic and online. If you are old like me, you can call your mom up and ask her if she has saved any of your old homework and make a video showing what homework and school was like in the old days. You could also interview a current college student in your town and ask them what the homework workload is like compared to when they were in high school. You can also make a fake prank video.  Pretend you are calling the homework helpline and make ridiculous answers to normal homework questions. The opportunities are really endless.

You can do this at different places for a change of scenery to come up with new ideas.  Go to the coffee shop and do this exercise.  Then go to your aunt’s house and do it again. Try it out, see what ideas you can come up with from your list.  Share some in the comments below.  Still need some help generating your ideas?  Check out this book.  Check out our YouTube channel too!

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