Why We Use Amazon Prime

If you have been reading any of our posts, you know we are a busy family.  Almost every kid is involved in some extra curricular activity. For those of you that do not know, we have six kids.  That is busy to say the least.

One of the ways we improve efficiency is by using Amazon Prime.  I know, I know, you are thinking this sounds like it is going to be an Amazon Prime commercial.  Just please hear me out for a few, I promise I will keep this short.

What does Amazon Prime offer us?  First, it allows me to use my car less and using my car less means I stay out of traffic more. That is an added bonus!  Seriously now, let’s walk through an example. My little Joe Joe Cutie Pie is playing football this year in seventh grade.  I think the only thing growing on his body is his feet at the moment.  We hopped on Amazon Prime, found the cleats he liked and ordered them.  Guess what, with Amazon Prime, we had them within two days.  There was no getting everyone in the car and burning up an evening to go the sporting goods store at the mall.  There was no fighting traffic with the adjacent movie theater.  There was no buying extra stuff for the rest of the kids because they saw something they liked.  And best of all, they cleats were cheaper and Amazon carried them in his size.

That is just one example of how we use Amazon Prime.  We also get to watch free Prime movies and TV on our Roku (that comes in real handy since we cancelled our cable TV).  We also get free unlimited photo backup, and I already mentioned the free two day shipping.

If you are a busy family like us, you can give Amazon Prime a try for 30 days for free.  Trust me, once you get hooked on it, you will not want to give it up. Why not simplify your life and click the banner below and give it a try.

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