A New Book Will Be Finished This Winter!

For those of you that don’t know, we do have a book available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle store.  I mean, how can you not know?  It is linked from the projects menu above and there is even a little excerpt for it at the end of every post here that points to the projects page. That is OK if you have not checked it out yet.  I know you are busy and have a lot going on.  The book is only $3.99 regular price, a small price to pay to support the Bolt Bunch….  Thanks for considering.

You may have seen my previous post about thirty steps to publising a kindle book.  Many people think I write these posts to help other newbie authors learn how to write, format, and publish a Kindle book.  While I am glad it could help a new author, I honestly put these posts up so I don’t forget how to do it the second time around.

Publishing a Kindle book is not easy.  The easiest part is the writing, the rest is really hard.  The next book (that should be out already, but is not because I am insanely busy) is going to be called DIY Portraits With Your Phone. Yes, it in in the works now.  It will be written a lot like this book. I honestly can’t say how much I love this book as a how to book. If you are looking to shoot video better, check it out.   Our new book will have many short chapters that will just skim the surface of photography and deal in more concepts and the storytelling side of photography. The equipment chapters will be minimal because you don’t need a whole lot else other than maybe a reflector, in addition to a smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android.  Below is my proposed outline so far, I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.  Please leave a comment below if it moves you.

This book will be divided up into a few parts.  Those are not listed below.  I am listing out the proposed chapters,  I will post more about the book layout as it comes together.  My goal was for fifty short chapters, I may add a few more, we will see.

DIY Portraits With Your Phone

  1. About this book
  2. Evolution of smartphone cameras
  3. Phone camera settings–the basics
  4. Gear does not matter
  5. Challenges of phone cameras and how to get around them
  6. Know your gear
  7. Zoom with your muscles
  8. failing to plan is planning to fail
  9. Channel your inner photographer
  10. Haters are gonna hate
  11. Getting portrait ideas
  12. Life is a story, tell it
  13. Know your portrait subject before the shoot
  14. Make your portrait subject look their best
  15. A smile is not everything
  16. Set the stage with props
  17. Portrait locations and how to find them
  18. Don’t forget to use foreground and background
  19. Without light there is no picture, especially with smartphones
  20. Learn to see light
  21. The golden hour
  22. Shadows kill, just like in horror movies
  23. Stay away from that awful LED flash, please!
  24. It is important to know white balance
  25. Using a portable reflector
  26. Always be aware of your background
  27. Frame your portrait like a Rembrandt (composition)
  28. Get that beautiful blurry background
  29. Get a guinea pig
  30. Practice, practice, practice
  31. Should I shoot indoors or outdoors?
  32. Shooting indoors with a phone camera
  33. Lights, Camera –What I need lights?
  34. General portraits
  35. Children’s portraits
  36. Get down to their level
  37. Senior portraits
  38. Family portraits
  39. Shoot those portraits
  40. After the shoot
  41. Mobile editing
  42. Editing basics
  43. Contrast adjustments
  44. Exposure adjustments
  45. Cropping for print
  46. printing your portraits
  47. Share your masterpieces
  48. Tell the world your used your phone
  49. Haters are going to hate, part deux
  50. Congratulations, you created something special
  51. Need more info?
  52. Bonus videos
  53. About the author.


Like I said, I will probably add a few more chapters by the time I am done, but you have to “kick it out of the nest” sooner rather than later.  Let me know what you think.  I get quite a bit of traffic on my sites from people looking to take better pictures with their phone.  I hope this Kindle book will help them do just that.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for reading.





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