Gear Does Not Matter!

I normally don’t share a lot of other people’s stuff on here, but today, I feel like I need someone to back me up.  If you have read any of my stuff, be it my Kindle books or blog posts, or YouTube videos, you know I always say that gear does not matter.  Sometimes people will think I am just being cheap or even unprofessional at times.  That is why I share with you this story.

Many of you probably have heard of Casey Neistat.  Famous YouTuber/filmmaker.   Think I am the only one that thinks gear does not matter?  Wrong, check out Casey’s video below.  In this video, he talks about how the story is king, and you use whatever gear you have to capture that story. It does not matter if it is your YouTube videos, senior pictures, or home videos of your kids.  Tell they story, don’t worry about the gear!  Of course in this video he showcases some cool gear that is not out yet (when you get famous and have a huge audience, that is one of the perks), but pay special attention to the beginning where he tells you that gear does not matter! Talk to you soon!


Here is another video where Casey talks about gear and story!  It is his guide to filmmaking.  Watch it all the way through, it is gold.  Although, many will only talk about making videos and never do it.  Take action, get started with whatever you have today!


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