Three Basketball Ball Handling Drills — Ball Handling 101

A couple of weeks ago we made a new basketball ball handling drill video.  We are trying to add a spice of entertainment to our drills and skills videos.  In this video, we teach you three basic basketball ball handling drills to help you handle the basketball better.  The idea is that you should take your ball with you wherever you can and practice.  This is where we try to make it entertaining.  We show case our athlete doing his drill in some odd places!

If you can’t make basketball fun, why bother even playing it?  Check out the video below.  While none of our videos are perfect yet, we are working hard to make them better.  Hopefully you will find them helpful, yet entertaining at the same time!  Video is below, thanks for watching!  Why don’t you like and subscribe while you are watching?!?!?


We are regular users of Amazon Prime.  We cut out cable TV and use Prime streaming and music for some of our entertainment.  Not to mention the Prime Pantry that we use to feed all of these kids. We save a massive amount of time by not running around to stores all day long! If you are considering Amazon Prime, we encourage you to use our free trial link below to support us.  It does not cost you any thing extra and helps support our interweb efforts!  Thank you!


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