Summer is officially over now…

Summer is officially over now and we are heading into fall.  The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is getting mild.  I have a love hate relationship with this time of year.  I love the beauty outside, but I hate the thought of the cold winter.

I get nostalgic when I think we just finished another summer with the kids.  I have always enjoyed the time I spend with my kids, but now that I see the older ones leaving the nest the nostalgia digs in…

Enough of that!  Take a look at a YouTube playlist we made for a road trip that we took over the summer.  We did many interesting things, such as surviving a vacation drive with your siblings, catching a bear, getting away from attacking sharks and jellyfish, and many more fun things.  Video playlist is below, thanks for watching!


We are regular users of Amazon Prime.  We cut out cable TV and use Prime streaming and music for some of our entertainment.  Not to mention the Prime Pantry that we use to feed all of these kids. We save a massive amount of time by not running around to stores all day long! If you are considering Amazon Prime, we encourage you to use our free trial link below to support us.  It does not cost you any thing extra and helps support our interweb efforts!  Thank you!


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