Agility Drills To Improve Your Footwork

We are releasing a series of videos to help you practice to improve your foot agility skills.  These will specifically help you with speed and quickness.  In this video, the first video of this series, we are using our agility ladder to perform the drills.  You don;t have to have an agility ladder.  You can draw one with sidewalk chalk if you can’t afford to buy an agility ladder.  Although, agility ladders are not very expensive, so if you get tired of using sidewalk chalk you can purchase one for just over $10.

We are making these videos in what we call a quick tip style.  There is no nonsense and we get right to the point.  We document three exercises in each video. Once you master the first video, progress to the next video.  These are all part of our drills and skills playlist.

Below is the first video in the series.  Thanks for watching.

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