Ladder Footwork Video #2

Hey all!  We are back at it again with a new video in our Ladder Footwork video series.  Video number two has come out with some little more advanced exercises for you and your agility ladder.

Again, if you don’t have an agility ladder, you can draw one with sidewalk chalk or you can buy one here!  Thank you in advance for supporting us through our Amazon links.  It does not cost you anything extra and you help us earn a few pennies that help us keep up with expenses.

Check out video number two below.  We hope you can improve your athletic skills with your practice.  Notice how we are mixing in close ups of the feet and such?  I like to think the kids are improving on their film-making skills.  Please like and subscribe and tell all of your friends!  Help us get the word out about the Bolt Bunch channel.

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