Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Plan

We finally did it, we became tired of paying for extra data and getting tons of bloatware on our phones.  We just switched cell phone providers.  As you may have wondered, with a house full of eight family members, cell phones are a large expense for us.  How do we do it?  I will lay it out for you below.

The number one MOST important value you MUST have when wanting to save money on your cell phone plan is to be satisfied with a phone that is not the latest and greatest.  Some of you may be saying. “What, I have to have the latest iPhone!”.  If you are saying that, I thank you for stopping by.  This article is not for you and I ask you to please instead check out some of our YouTube videos along with our Camera and photo links.  You will not get any value from this article.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a gadget loving freak! I have more gadgets than most people have underwear! But, I am a cheap nerd.  I love re-purposing old tech.  Don’t get me wrong, my current phone I use as of this writing is only two years old. You know what? It does absolutely everything I need.  It texts, it calls, and it even gets me the fastest unlimited data speeds so I can watch all of the Bolt Bunch YouTube videos when I am on the road.

So how do we do it?  Easy, let’s break it out.  We have six lines on our carrier plan.  As you can imagine, we are constantly running around to practices and kids events.  We need to utilize every driver we have to get everyone to the places they need to be daily.  Every single one of our phones were purchased used on eBay, except for one and the one was purchased by the Meat Head with money that he made from his PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery 🙂 ) program. He worked hard there all year his senior year after football season.  He rewarded his hard work by purchasing a Nexus 6. 6. All of the other phones we have were purchased used off of eBay.  Over time, we purchased two Nexus 5s and three LG G3s.  These are all very capable phones and are serving us well.  So less do some quick comparison math with today’s dollars.


Cost of latest IPhone $700

Cost of LG G3 on eBay $104

That is a savings of about $600 per phone and even more when you compare it to the Nexus 5s that the boys have. All we pay for is the monthly service plan. That is it. Which, by the way is still too expensive, and we are getting to that.  Is it really worth trying to keep up with the latest phone?  Let’s say for a second that you are just an average family of four, that is still $2400 in savings over a two year period, assuming you follow the two year contract period of a carrier to spread out the cost of your phones.  And you better not break that phone, you will be responsible for fixing it if you don’t have an expensive insurance plan to go along with it.  Why do we continue to pump so much money into corporations for this fancy gadgets?  Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but I will let someone else pay the up front costs of them and by them on the used market.

Now that we have covered having the latest phone, lets look at usage. Are you a really heavy user of the cell phone plan?  Do you send thousands of texts per month, make tons of calls and use uber amounts of data?  Then you better stick to a carrier plan.  If you find that you only send a couple of hundred of texts per month and only moderately use voice minutes, then you should look a company like Ting.  Our younger children use a ting service on their old iphone 5c (phones that have been passed down).  Ting allows you to pay by usage.  Our younger kids will occasionally need to text or call us to get a ride.  It is a great safety net for a parent to have.  We have Ting service for them and it only cost about $10 per month for the small amount of texting and voice that they use.  I block them from using data on their phones.  They don’t need it yet, and frankly I won’t let them have it yet.  If we are taking a long trip in the car, their mom or I will turn our phone into a mobile hot spot and let them connect to it so they can play a game or watch some YouTube.

OK, I have rambled enough about this subject for the day.  I am going to release another article soon about carrier locks and how they try to lock you into your service.  Don’t sweat it, there are ways around it.

Looking to buy a used phone to save you some money?  Check out eBay for some great opportunities to buy them from upgraders.  While you are at it, get a new battery for your used LG G3 phone on Amazon, batteries are about the only thing you will really need to replace in your used phone.

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