What Sold on eBay 12-18-2017

This is going to be a log more for us to track what is selling for us on eBay.  We started selling on eBay in Jan. 2017.  It has almost been a year.

I have to say, I have had a lot of fun doing this.  It is a family adventure with almost everyone involved at some level. My goal is to tell the kids some day that we paid for their college sell old bras and shoes.   🙂

This week was not awful, but was not great either. We sold a little over $300 worth of various things.  Below is a quick list of what sold.


Spongebob adult pajama pants  $9.88 plus shipping

Ladies dockers blue dress pants $14.88 plus shipping

Regal breadpan and paddle $19.88 plus shipping

Harry Potter Scene It Game pieces $12.88

North Face Gore-Tex snow pants $24.88 plus shipping

Conair Body Massager $17.88 plus shipping

Carhartt men’s carpenter pants $21.88 plus shipping

Columbia men’s jacket $14.88 plus shipping

Nike Therma-fit Purdue sweatshirt $14.88 plus shipping

Several pairs of Levis for an average of about $16 each plus shipping

A vintage sweatshirt for $25

A vintage makeup mirror for $20

A DVD/VCR combo for $60 plus shipping


There you have it, a handful of the items that sell for us.  Our goal is to get more and better items.  Still a work in progress.


Until next time…



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