About The Bolt Bunch

Flashback BoltBunch Picture Circa 2005

Flashback BoltBunch Picture Circa 2005

Hello and welcome to the Bolt family website. The Bolt Bunch is a lot like the Brady Bunch, except much more hip!  We are a large family of eight! Six kids and two parents. We live in central Indiana in the United States and make a lot of fine YouTube Videos! Check out our YouTube channel.  The Bolt Bunch is listed below:

Mom – Mrs. Debt Freedom aka Dawn — Hard worker extraordinaire.  Puts up with all of our crap.

Dad-  Chief Irritator aka Rick (one of the three twinsies)

Meat Head- aka Nicolas —- Wants to be Bradley Martyn

Ellie  – aka Ellikinz or Elles — A really fine artist and stresses way too much about homework and tests

Jakey – aka Jake  — Very bright and quiet, yet total smart mouth at the same time.

Joey — aka JoeJoe Cutie Pie or  Chief Assistant Irritator  (one of the three twinsies)

Sam-A-Lam – aka  Sam —  Fashion plate and funny man extraordinaire.  (see his Peyton Manning Flip Phone video)

Madikinz – aka Maddie or Assistant to the Chief Assistant Irritator.   (one of the three twinsies)



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