My DIY Hot Tub Rebuild

  I rebuilt my 1995 hot tub with a new wood frame and new internal parts such as a two speed pump and control pack. I used an ACC control pack and a two speed pump from Ebay. I reused the shell, plumbing, and cover lifter. Spa Pack… Pump…   Check out my […]

3D Printed Wire Stripper

I printed this wire stripper on my 3D printer to use to quickly strip wires for various nerd projects. I really like this little tool and the way it turned out. The screw kit I purchased is here:… The 3D design on Thingiverse is here:… Music by The Bolt Bunch: Check out […]

The Kids are Getting Too Cool for YouTube

You may have noticed, I (Pops) have been posting my own YouTube videos.  The kids, most of them, are getting to the stage where they don’t really want to put themselves out there.  I am saddened by this.  We had a really good run of making some good videos. I wish they would not care […]

3D Printed Utility Knife

The Bolt Bunch has entered the world of 3D printing.  We have purchased a Creality Ender 2 mini 3D printer.  We scoured Thingiverse for some tools to make and came across this gem.   A quick video to show we are starting some 3D Printing. We printed a small key chain utility knife. I really […]

What Sold on eBay 12-18-2017

This is going to be a log more for us to track what is selling for us on eBay.  We started selling on eBay in Jan. 2017.  It has almost been a year. I have to say, I have had a lot of fun doing this.  It is a family adventure with almost everyone involved […]

Before he was a power lifter…

It is truly amazing how fast they grow up.  It just seems like yesterday this kid was the biggest Peyton Manning fan in the world!  That is not an exaggeration either.  Interested in the story?  You can read it here. The moral of this story?  NEVER GIVE UP!

What is making that noise in the basketball?

The boys received this basketball for free at a basketball camp.  It has always made a sound like there was something rattling in it.  In this video, we find out what it is…   BTW, this was entirely produced and edited by the Sam-a-Lam.

Do you even lift?

I was going through some old photos today and I found this one of the Meathead in 2015.  Of course I had to make it a meme. If you want to see the Meathead’s power lifting adventures now, check him out on Instagram. Be sure to check out his link tree in his profile and […]

Merry Christmas from the Bolt Bunch!

Merry Christmas from the Bolt Bunch!.  We have been a little busy with life towards the end of the year, we will be back to making videos soon!  Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Learn How to Handshake For Kids

We just released a new video teahing kids how to handshake.  A handshake is an important part of life.  You never know when your next big thing will happen.  At least go into the situation prepared to make a good first impression by knowing how to do a proper handshake.   You can check out […]