I Have Spent Years Trying to Put This Into Words… The Love of Learning New Skills!

I have spent years trying to put this into words, but I guess I should have put it into video!  I stumbled upon this video by accident. I was searching for some stop motion tutorial footage and I came across Karen’s channel.  She is doing so many cool things!  First, she had a great stop motion […]

Cut The Cord To Your Debt — Get rid of cable TV

Need another idea to trim your debt?  Do what we did and get rid of cable TV.  Below is a post I did back in the old days when we first “cut the cord” and got rid of our cable TV subscription.  We have never looked back and have saved thousands over the years!  We […]

The Six Reasons Why I Photograph

I am taking a few minutes break  to talk about the six reasons why I got into photography. For those of you who do not know, I am an avid photographer.  If I could do anything I wanted at any time of the day, much of that time went be spent capturing everyday life with […]

Strength Training and No Gimmicks!

If you are at all into strength training, you should check out Meat Head’s website.  I can’t believe how grown up he is…  He really can write well, especially for being such a Meat Head! I am proud of his hard work and dedication.  He has really come a long way from the little skinny […]

She Was A Poet and Didn’t Know It!

Another nostalgia post coming your way today.  A flashback from the early blogging days.  My daughter was forced to write a poem for English class when she was fifteen years old.  Turns out that she loved writing, she just didn’t know it.    Below is that poem she wrote.  I am still proud of this kid […]

Back to School Time = Chaos!

I can’t help but think at this time every year, “Why do we do this to ourselves?”.  With the return of school, we are so constantly busy with a million different activities!  I think chaos is a good way to describe it. Maybe I am just especially blessed with having so many kids.  We have […]

Back to School….

I hate this time of year as much as my kids do!  Today, not only is the Meat Head moving out, the other kids are going back to school.  I hate to see them go back, this is one of the most fun summers I have ever had with them.  As a matter of fact, […]

It is Moving Day!!!

It is with a bit of sadness that I post this….  My once tiny little baby, aka Meat Head is moving out today.  I will miss him and his stupid antics as he leaves to grow and experience life.   To all of you parents of young ones out there, when every one tells you […]

This Awesome Kid is 15????

I remember when this little guy was born.  It was on this day back in 2001.  Mrs. Debt Freedom was screaming for me to get the nurse so she could have her epidural.  Fun times! By the time 9/11 happened, I think he was the cutest baby I have seen.  He was so photogenic.  I […]

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp is Coming

For those of you that don’ t know, we live in Central Indiana. We have spent many years as Colt’s fans. We have had good times as Colt’s fans. We don’t get to the Colt’s training camps like we used to.  All of the Bolt Bunch boys have their own football schedules to contend with […]