Free Stock Photos

This is a Bolt Bunch Tip of the day for all of you aspiring graphic artists out there that want to create some really cool graphics, check out Unsplash.  Unsplash has some really cool free ( they list it as free do whatever you want with) photos.  If nothing else, you will have a ton […]

Gear Does Not Matter!

I normally don’t share a lot of other people’s stuff on here, but today, I feel like I need someone to back me up.  If you have read any of my stuff, be it my Kindle books or blog posts, or YouTube videos, you know I always say that gear does not matter.  Sometimes people […]

A New Book Will Be Finished This Winter!

For those of you that don’t know, we do have a book available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle store.  I mean, how can you not know?  It is linked from the projects menu above and there is even a little excerpt for it at the end of every post here that points to the […]

Our DIY Studio Build

It was a long sweaty weekend!  I am beat. I have the DIY garage studio built.  I am sure there will be tweaks to come.  I made a video to show you how I did it.  One thing I learned is to not use PVC pipe to hang your fabric background or green screen.  Use metal […]

Notice an Improvement??

If you are a regular viewer of our YouTube adventures, you may have noticed that the visual and audio quality is better.  We have purchased a nice used Panasonic GH1 and an external microphone. This video has a fan running in the background, so the audio is a little bit whacked, but it was so […]

500px Experience

I have been a registered user of 500px for years now, but have not really been adding anything until the last year.  I have been spending some time uploading some of my photos and plan to build some galleries once I get a substantial number up there.  This work continues for a few minutes here […]

The Six Reasons Why I Photograph

I am taking a few minutes break  to talk about the six reasons why I got into photography. For those of you who do not know, I am an avid photographer.  If I could do anything I wanted at any time of the day, much of that time went be spent capturing everyday life with […]

30 Steps To Publishing My Kindle Book

I have been experiencing the releasing of my new Kindle book.  I have had my “nose to the grindstone” writing about photography.  I have a second book in the works right now.  My hope is to get three books released by the end of the year.  We will see if I can keep up the […]