Sharks and Jellyfish Attack!

OK, so maybe the title is a little click baity…  We went to the Gatlinburg Aquarium this summer.  It was a lot of fun and I really like this place.  The kids always have a blast.  We have an entire playlist dedicated to our Smoky Mountain Adventures over the summer.  Please check it out.  In […]

Redneck Science Experiments

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pour once of those pouches of desiccant into water?  We found a large bag of desiccant and we show you what happens when you pour it into a cup of water.  We like to call these redneck science experiments.  No real controls, let’s just do something and […]

Yard Sale Oddities

You have probably seen some really strange stuff at yard sales.  We asked the Bolt Bunch ambassadors to take our camera with them on a huge garage sale weekend and see what kind of Yard Sale Oddities they could find. It turns out they did not disappoint us!  Check out the video below, and while you are […]

How to Improve Your Video Shooting Skills

Many of you know that we have a YouTube channel.  We are always on the lookout to improve our YouTube videos.  Even if you went to film school, shooting video is a constant learning experience.  That is why we are always looking for resources to help us improve our video shooting skills. If you are […]

What’s In The Box?

This is one of the longest videos we have made to date.  In this video, we play a game called “What’s in the box?”.  This game involves a large box with a hole cut into the side.  The play wears a blindfold, while the other players get something (usually gross) and put it in the […]

Our DIY Studio Build

It was a long sweaty weekend!  I am beat. I have the DIY garage studio built.  I am sure there will be tweaks to come.  I made a video to show you how I did it.  One thing I learned is to not use PVC pipe to hang your fabric background or green screen.  Use metal […]

Our funniest You Tube moment yet

If you have watched any of our You Tube videos, you know we are learning this thing as we go along. We are not professional writers or film shooters, yet! We do work hard and try to at least bring some entertaining content.  This particular video was based on going back to school.  The younger […]

The grueling You Tube schedule

It is said just about everywhere, if you want to be successful on You Tube, you need to release videos consistently.  The problem is, that is really hard to do! For those of you that don’t have a You Tube channel, you may not be aware of the amount of work that goes into making […]

How to improve your hand/eye coordination

Are you trying to improve your athletic skills?  Want to improve your hand/eye coordination?  In this video we show you seven exercises to improve your hand/eye coordination with just some tennis balls. These videos are part of our drills and skills playlist.  This is where we share what we do to practice our athletic skills.  […]

How to get more female views on You Tube

The Bolt Bunch is at it again.  This time we are on a mission to increase our female viewers on our You Tube channel.  Most guys may thing, hey, I need some hot shirtless dudes on my channel to get more female viewers.   Well, we think you guys are wrong.  We understand you ladies! […]