Pranking Mr. Oldman

This one is fun.  Instead of being behind the camera, I get to make a brief appearance in front of it.  I promise, my acting will get better.  It can’t get any worse! We will run at least a short series for Pranking Mr. Oldman.  We will see how it is received. If it is […]

Will it Smash?!? Episode II

We have released a new “Will it Smash?!?!” episode.  This is a regular YouTube series for us.  We always try to release a “Will it Smash?!?!” episode once every week. The premise of the video is we find stuff around the house and see if we can smash it with our trick Vurtego Pogo Stick.  […]

Vlogs and Nostalgia

I used to have this blog on the old blogger platform.  It was fun to write about our family.  Now everyone vlogs on YouTube.  My boys keep begging me to vlog about being the father of six kids.  Maybe I will one of these days.  Of course, they think we will immediately be like Casey Neistat.  The […]

We Are Working A Collaboration With JT!

Who am I kidding, right?  Justin Timberlake has no idea who we are, but we do have a spoof planned for his awesome popular song for the Bolt Bunch YouTube channel. It has to do with is awesome and most popular song and Can’t Stop the Feeling song.  This is a huge one for us […]

We Are Looking To Upgrade Video Equipment

Since we have been churning out six YouTube videos per week, we are looking to streamline the process. Many of our videos are filmed outdoors, so it is not necessarily a video quality problem that we run into.  The problem is audio quality.  If you follow the Bolt Bunch at all, you also may know […]

Will It Smash?

We are going to release a new segment on the Bolt Bunch channel called, “Will It Smash????” There are a few key tools involved in will it smash.  Number one, a massive Vertigo Pogo stick, random stuff we find around the house and some video cameras. Sounds like fun, right?  Fill out the form below […]

What Is The Minimal Vlogger Equipment?

Hey there! It is good to see you. You are looking even better today!  We are going to get right to the heart of the matter.  What equipment do you need to vlog or make YouTube videos.  I will be the first to admit, we don’t use anything real fancy. First, you will need to […]

Have you ever had the need to take a buffalo selfie?

Hi!  You are in luck!  We made this video just for you!  We recently visited Big Bone Lick State Park in Northern Kentucky.  It is funny, we used to live in the Cincinnati are and have never been there until recently.  If you are not aware, it is considered the birthplace of American Vertabrate Palentology.  […]

A sneak peek of tomorrow’s video!!!!

We did it. We made a video about taking a buffalo selfie. Tag your buffalo selfies with #boltbunchbuffaloselfies Video comes out in two days! Subscribe to BoltBunch on YouTube! A photo posted by BoltBunch (@rdb8) on Jul 19, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT Why not follow us on Instagram?

Why we make YouTube videos

Hello again, have I mentioned how great it is to talk with you today?  You look great too!  For those of you that don’t know, I am the primary camera man and video editor for our YouTube channel BoltBunch.  If I am out of town or unavailable for some reason, the editing job falls to […]