Our YouTube Story!

We crafted this intro video to show you why we make YouTube videos.  YouTube is a large part of our entertainment these days.  Between all of us we watch several YouTubers  on a regular basis. In this video we talk about why we started our YouTube channel.  The story is primarily told by Jakey.  He […]

The Six Reasons Why I Photograph

I am taking a few minutes break  to talk about the six reasons why I got into photography. For those of you who do not know, I am an avid photographer.  If I could do anything I wanted at any time of the day, much of that time went be spent capturing everyday life with […]

30 Steps To Publishing My Kindle Book

I have been experiencing the releasing of my new Kindle book.  I have had my “nose to the grindstone” writing about photography.  I have a second book in the works right now.  My hope is to get three books released by the end of the year.  We will see if I can keep up the […]

Strength Training and No Gimmicks!

If you are at all into strength training, you should check out Meat Head’s website.  I can’t believe how grown up he is…  He really can write well, especially for being such a Meat Head! I am proud of his hard work and dedication.  He has really come a long way from the little skinny […]

She Was A Poet and Didn’t Know It!

Another nostalgia post coming your way today.  A flashback from the early blogging days.  My daughter was forced to write a poem for English class when she was fifteen years old.  Turns out that she loved writing, she just didn’t know it.    Below is that poem she wrote.  I am still proud of this kid […]

Water Bottle fun???

Some of you may have seen some of the Dude Perfect videos.  DP has nothing on us!  Check out our mostly incredibly fake video about shooting baskets and sticking a landing with a partially full water bottle. This was a difficult video to edit!!!  We learned so much editing this video and it was a […]

Back to School Time = Chaos!

I can’t help but think at this time every year, “Why do we do this to ourselves?”.  With the return of school, we are so constantly busy with a million different activities!  I think chaos is a good way to describe it. Maybe I am just especially blessed with having so many kids.  We have […]

Nose Aerobics — Behind the Scenes!

The story behind this video is that we won a game at Dave and Buster’s called Nose Aerobics.  The game itself is almost impossible to even make a basket.  We had to create a competition out of the game of course.  One, to make it fun and two to give this thing an ending! The […]

Pranking Mr. Oldman

This one is fun.  Instead of being behind the camera, I get to make a brief appearance in front of it.  I promise, my acting will get better.  It can’t get any worse! We will run at least a short series for Pranking Mr. Oldman.  We will see how it is received. If it is […]

Back to School….

I hate this time of year as much as my kids do!  Today, not only is the Meat Head moving out, the other kids are going back to school.  I hate to see them go back, this is one of the most fun summers I have ever had with them.  As a matter of fact, […]