It is Moving Day!!!

It is with a bit of sadness that I post this….  My once tiny little baby, aka Meat Head is moving out today.  I will miss him and his stupid antics as he leaves to grow and experience life.   To all of you parents of young ones out there, when every one tells you […]

This Awesome Kid is 15????

I remember when this little guy was born.  It was on this day back in 2001.  Mrs. Debt Freedom was screaming for me to get the nurse so she could have her epidural.  Fun times! By the time 9/11 happened, I think he was the cutest baby I have seen.  He was so photogenic.  I […]

Will it Smash?!? Episode II

We have released a new “Will it Smash?!?!” episode.  This is a regular YouTube series for us.  We always try to release a “Will it Smash?!?!” episode once every week. The premise of the video is we find stuff around the house and see if we can smash it with our trick Vurtego Pogo Stick.  […]

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp is Coming

For those of you that don’ t know, we live in Central Indiana. We have spent many years as Colt’s fans. We have had good times as Colt’s fans. We don’t get to the Colt’s training camps like we used to.  All of the Bolt Bunch boys have their own football schedules to contend with […]

Vlogs and Nostalgia

I used to have this blog on the old blogger platform.  It was fun to write about our family.  Now everyone vlogs on YouTube.  My boys keep begging me to vlog about being the father of six kids.  Maybe I will one of these days.  Of course, they think we will immediately be like Casey Neistat.  The […]

We Are Working A Collaboration With JT!

Who am I kidding, right?  Justin Timberlake has no idea who we are, but we do have a spoof planned for his awesome popular song for the Bolt Bunch YouTube channel. It has to do with is awesome and most popular song and Can’t Stop the Feeling song.  This is a huge one for us […]

We Are Looking To Upgrade Video Equipment

Since we have been churning out six YouTube videos per week, we are looking to streamline the process. Many of our videos are filmed outdoors, so it is not necessarily a video quality problem that we run into.  The problem is audio quality.  If you follow the Bolt Bunch at all, you also may know […]

What Makes A Man?

Flashback post!! I published this years ago on the old Allbolt blog.  I moved it over here because I did want to lose it.  With google’s track record, you never know what they will shutdown next.  Blogger could go away any day now! This was in the top five of our most popular posts,  I […]

Will It Smash?

We are going to release a new segment on the Bolt Bunch channel called, “Will It Smash????” There are a few key tools involved in will it smash.  Number one, a massive Vertigo Pogo stick, random stuff we find around the house and some video cameras. Sounds like fun, right?  Fill out the form below […]

What Is The Minimal Vlogger Equipment?

Hey there! It is good to see you. You are looking even better today!  We are going to get right to the heart of the matter.  What equipment do you need to vlog or make YouTube videos.  I will be the first to admit, we don’t use anything real fancy. First, you will need to […]