Have you ever had the need to take a buffalo selfie?

Hi!  You are in luck!  We made this video just for you!  We recently visited Big Bone Lick State Park in Northern Kentucky.  It is funny, we used to live in the Cincinnati are and have never been there until recently.  If you are not aware, it is considered the birthplace of American Vertabrate Palentology.  […]

A sneak peek of tomorrow’s video!!!!

We did it. We made a video about taking a buffalo selfie. Tag your buffalo selfies with #boltbunchbuffaloselfies Video comes out in two days! Subscribe to BoltBunch on YouTube! A photo posted by BoltBunch (@rdb8) on Jul 19, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT Why not follow us on Instagram?

Why we make YouTube videos

Hello again, have I mentioned how great it is to talk with you today?  You look great too!  For those of you that don’t know, I am the primary camera man and video editor for our YouTube channel BoltBunch.  If I am out of town or unavailable for some reason, the editing job falls to […]

Lightdow Go-Pro Clone Review

For those of you that don’t know, the Bolt Bunch are officially YouTubers.  We wanted to add some spice to our videos so we ordered a Go-Pro clone.  We ordered the one below from Amazon.com. We wanted to add some underwater scenes to our videos.  You can see the results from the first time we used […]

Road Trip Summer 2016

We just finished our 2016 summer roadtrip to the smoky mountains and great Cincinnati area.  It was a lot of fun even though we missed the Meathead not coming along for the fun. We vlogged the trip every day we were gone.  It was so much fun to build short interesting stories to share with […]

Spider Like Steph Curry

Ever see Steph Curry warm up for a game?  He has exceptional ball handling skills.  We created another basketball drill video for you to practice like Steph Curry.  This one shows you how to do the spider drill.     We will be working on some more comedy spoofs. We are taking the time to […]

The Peyton Manning Flip Phone?

Any of you that have read our stuff over the years know that we are fans of Peyton Manning.  We enjoyed watching him play football through the years on the Colts and the Broncos..  Now that he has retired, we decided to honor him by making a spoof of his old Sprint flip phone commercial. […]

We Are Makers!

One thing we do a lot of is make things.  I find it very enjoyable to try to solve some basic problems by making things.  One day, the Assistant Chief Irritator came to me and said in his most loving voice “Hey Pops, let’s go to Dick Sporting goods and buy some Dribble Goggles.” You […]

Drills and Skillz

Is that cool to spell words wrong that way?  Skillz?  If it is, I come from a longtime of cool because I have been misspelling words for over 40 years now.  One thing the kids like to share on our YouTube channel is some of the sports drills they practice.  Check out this spider drill.  […]

Is It True That Odell Beckham Jr……

Is it true that Odell Beckham Jr. went from endorsing Head and Shoulder’s shampoo to endorsing Bread and Folders? That was our first attempt at a spoof video.  We used sidewalk chalk to color JoeJoe Cutie Pie’s hair.  I promise these will get better. 🙂