Basketball Season is Almost Here!

Basketball season is almost here, have you been working on your basketball drills to improve as a player?  The Bolt Bunch has created several Drills and Skills videos to help you with your ball handing, foot work, and even some DIY tools thrown in to help you develop your basketball skills. We have compiled all […]

Three Basketball Ball Handling Drills — Ball Handling 101

A couple of weeks ago we made a new basketball ball handling drill video.  We are trying to add a spice of entertainment to our drills and skills videos.  In this video, we teach you three basic basketball ball handling drills to help you handle the basketball better.  The idea is that you should take […]

I Have Spent Years Trying to Put This Into Words… The Love of Learning New Skills!

I have spent years trying to put this into words, but I guess I should have put it into video!  I stumbled upon this video by accident. I was searching for some stop motion tutorial footage and I came across Karen’s channel.  She is doing so many cool things!  First, she had a great stop motion […]