Will It SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition

We created a Will it SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition recently. We are trying to bring together a couple of themes from our videos to see if it will increase the views of each theme.  We are fairly new to this YouTube thing, so we like to experiment and see what happens! Once this bakes in […]

Will it Smash?!? Episode II

We have released a new “Will it Smash?!?!” episode.  This is a regular YouTube series for us.  We always try to release a “Will it Smash?!?!” episode once every week. The premise of the video is we find stuff around the house and see if we can smash it with our trick Vurtego Pogo Stick.  […]

Will It Smash?

We are going to release a new segment on the Bolt Bunch channel called, “Will It Smash????” There are a few key tools involved in will it smash.  Number one, a massive Vertigo Pogo stick, random stuff we find around the house and some video cameras. Sounds like fun, right?  Fill out the form below […]