Learn How to Handshake For Kids

We just released a new video teahing kids how to handshake.  A handshake is an important part of life.  You never know when your next big thing will happen.  At least go into the situation prepared to make a good first impression by knowing how to do a proper handshake.   You can check out […]

Ladder Footwork Video #2

Hey all!  We are back at it again with a new video in our Ladder Footwork video series.  Video number two has come out with some little more advanced exercises for you and your agility ladder. Again, if you don’t have an agility ladder, you can draw one with sidewalk chalk or you can buy […]

How to Improve Your Video Shooting Skills

Many of you know that we have a YouTube channel.  We are always on the lookout to improve our YouTube videos.  Even if you went to film school, shooting video is a constant learning experience.  That is why we are always looking for resources to help us improve our video shooting skills. If you are […]

How to come up with You Tube video ideas

It is hard to come up with video ideas if you sit and stare at a blank piece of paper.  It could take you a long time for something to jump in your head. This is a fun little exercise we do to come up with video ideas.  First, look around in your current environment.  […]

Will It SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition

We created a Will it SMASH?!?! Mr. Oldman Edition recently. We are trying to bring together a couple of themes from our videos to see if it will increase the views of each theme.  We are fairly new to this YouTube thing, so we like to experiment and see what happens! Once this bakes in […]